WEP BGA Rework Hot Air Gun Soldering Station



Brand Name: WEP

Origin: Mainland China

is_customized: Yes

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

Model Number: 938BD+-I

Whole machine power: 750W

Hot air gun temperature: 100°C~480°C

Airflow type: Brushless fan gentle wind

Airflow: 120L/min (MAX)

Soldering iron power: 60W

Soldering iron temperature: 200°C~480°C

Function 1: ℃/℉ temperature disply

Function 2: 10 minutes sleep function for iron

Function 3: Temperature correction

Function 4: Sound adjustment

Function 5: No-Air Protection

Voltage: 110-127VUS,220VEU,230VUK,240AU

WEP 938BD+-I 750W Hot Air Gun Soldering Station Buy BGA Rework Station Desoldering Station SMD Welding Repair Tools
Model: 938BD+-I


Whole machine part:

Power ≤750W

Work environment: 0~40°C

Storage temperature: -20~80°C

Storage Humidity: 35%~45%

Hot air gun part

Temperature range: 100°C~480

Temperature stability: ±2°C(Static state)

Airflow type: Brushless fan gentle wind

Airflow: 120L/min (MAX)

Soldering iron part

power: 60W

Temperature range: 200°C~480°C

Temperature stability: ±2°C (Static state)

Tip-to-ground impedance: <2Ω

Tip-to-ground voltage: <2mV


An Inclined panel, More suitable for your work angle.

Pluggable Type Convenient to change.

Embedded Interface, Good for safe

High Powe Soldering Iron

Intelligent Temp. Correction, More accurate temperature for your soldering

C/F Temp. mode

No operation 10mins Start Sleep, Prevents the iron from Oxidizing effectively extends the lifespan of the soldreing iron tip and conserves energy.

Sound of press Button

How to use:

This unit is great for desoldering and soldering applications on small components ,such assoIC, CHIP, QFP,PLCC,BGA, SMD packaging, and more.This unit is especially suited for desoldering operations on sockets in in-line packaging.The unit's applications include heat shrinking, drying, paint removal, glue removal, defrosting, preheating, glue soldering, and more.

938BD+-I Package Content

1. WEP938BD+-I soldering station

2. soldering wire (1 pcs)

3. nozzles (4 pcs)

4. silver soldering tips (5 pcs)

5. tin suction wire (1 pcs)

6. tweezers (2 pcs)

7. XQ-5 suction tin pen(1 pcs)

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