For more than 25 years, we have helped individuals, families, and corporations create:

• Family Foundations – Better than Donor Advised Funds
• Individual Foundations – Better than Donor Advised Funds
• Corporate Foundations
• Millennial Farms Foundations
• Family Foundation Support Organizations (SOs)

Our Family Foundations are uniquely designed as component charitable accounts established at The American Foundation. Our unique approach gives “your” foundation the more favorable public charity status (achieving greater tax and financial benefits than you can get with a private foundation, or in any other way). We also provide leading edge assistance with private foundation management. We can tell you when it makes the most sense to have a private foundation. Also, our public charity Family Foundations and Corporate Foundations can highly complement a private foundation (if you already have one), working in tandem to achieve what we believe is “the best of all worlds” in a charitable giving program.

We are pioneering a movement that we call the Privatization of Philanthropy™”.

Under our Privatization format, donors retain ongoing direction of charitable grants in perpetuity. In essence, the donors have what we call “charitable ownership.” Also, because each Family Foundation is an ongoing charitable account where principal is preserved, donors become “owners in philanthropy, not renters.” A component charitable foundation at The American Foundation is permanent, not temporary.

You too can become a philanthropist! It’s simple with The American Foundation’s Donor Advised Family Foundation Program. It is easy, inexpensive, and very donor friendly – regardless of your level of wealth or the size of your potential foundation.

Best of all, you will find our Family Foundations equally attractive whether you fund your Foundation account with $100,000; $5 million; or $5 billion.